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Command Your Space

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Everyone I have a session with, receives a customized prayer from me that can be used to anchor and command their space daily. I believe this to be as important to your spiritual hygiene, as brushing your teeth is to your physical hygiene. Saying this morning and night, will train your energetic field as to what you will and won't allow in it. It gives the Universe the parameters by which to form the reality you create for yourself.

As you read these words, visualize what is being said, as if it is happening in real time. Visualization is a powerful form of prayer and doing this will supercharge your command.

"I'm calling the highest vibrational frequency of light available, down, around, and through my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, the space I'm in, the land I'm on, and every being and everything in it and on it NOW. I command the four corners, below, above, and within this space, all to be anchored, sealed, and sanctified in the light of The Creator (God, Source, Spirit) NOW. I command to dissolve, clear, and disappear, all negative cording, all psychic attack, and anything blocking my free will NOW. I command to clear, close, heal and seal, all openings in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies NOW. I command to clear anything not in perfect alignment with unconditional love, from my field NOW. Please bring me fully into my body and into divine right order NOW. I ask to be surrounded in a golden egg of Christ's light NOW. Please clear all mind control, all interference, and all negative ego NOW. Thank you for divine intervention on my behalf."

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