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A Crossing Over Prayer

Updated: Jan 25

I recently contributed to an article for Forbes on Haunted Hotels and it got me thinking about how vital it is for folks to know what to do when they encounter a disembodied soul/ghost. While I realize that many find the thought of encountering a spirit without a body exciting, the truth is that these energies can be detrimental to the living.

Whether we're talking about ancestors, former friends/acquaintances, or complete strangers, it's very important that a soul that has left the body, is crossed from the astral (Hell) realm to the higher realms. Otherwise their souls do not heal and the energies that have trapped them, remain with them and bleed into the energetic field of anyone they encounter.

This means that whatever the deceased struggled with while they were here, can be visited upon us. Things like anger, depression, addiction, anxiety, suicidal ideation, even diseases, can be passed from the dead to the living if you don't know how to clear these energies, and cross the souls they're attached to. This is why it's so common for someone who has lost a loved one to a particular illness, to succumb to the same fate.

Below is a simple crossing over prayer you can use to help a trapped soul, return to the heavenly realms for healing. Before you begin, I suggest you command and anchor your space, and shield your energy. If you're not sure how to do that, you can find out here. Once you've done this, you're ready to proceed.

"I'm calling upon The Creator of all (God, Source, Spirit) and asking that each and every disembodied soul in, around or near me, be gathered up, and freed from any cording, binding, or discordant energy that is keeping them from returning home now. I ask that they be washed clean, made whole, filled with unconditional love, filled with universal compassion, filled with non-judgement for how they lived or how they died, wrapped in healing streams of grace, and escorted to the heavenly realms where they can be cleared, educated, healed, and returned to divine right order now. Thank you."

If you say the prayer above and are still noticing paranormal activity, you may be dealing with a portal or another type of open door that needs closing. In this case I suggest that you book a space clearing with me or another medium who is experienced with these situations. Sending you all love, Holly.

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