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"About a year ago I received a cancer diagnosis and I was a mess! My understanding of this life was shaken and I was not happy being on this planet anymore! I was in need of some serious help. I had met Holly about a year earlier. She is a compassionate, gifted, spiritual teacher and I am blessed and very grateful that she signed up to help me during this time. We worked together weekly through all of my cancer treatments and surgeries. She has opened my heart and mind to a new way of being, giving me the tools to connect with spirit, clear myself of negative thoughts and energies as well as clearing others. With her help I am finding purpose and meaning in each new day.

I am still using the techniques she has taught me daily. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all of this without her wisdom and guidance.

Much Love to you Miss Holly!!"

C Peterson

"My sessions with Holly have been beautifully illuminating. I have a hard time putting into words exactly what is said or done, I only know the feeling that  I walk through the world with after a session. 

The feeling is purpose; a thrumming heartbeat in me more alive than before, a whispering of meaning, an invitation to step into a version of myself that has been waiting to emerge.

She also gives me prayers to heal, to protect and to reactivate my spirit on this most sacred journey. 

I am grateful for my time with her and knowing that she is there as a touchstone for when I start to return to moving through life on auto-pilot. Just a few words from her and I am laser focused again on the plan and the potential of all I am capable of in this life."

Cassandra B

"Holly is a born healer. She is easy to talk to, friendly, and personable. I had no expectations on how our session would go and she was able to easily connect to me on an intuitive and spiritual level. She explained the process of our sessions and what to expect during and after. After just one session I felt like a weight had been lifted from my body. I was more relaxed, uplifted and optimistic.

I am very grateful for all she has done for me spiritually and mentally, and I look forward to continuing our sessions. She is a significant person in my journey of finding healing and insight."

Kerry S.

"Healings with Holly are an absolutely transcendental experience. I have had profound visions and insights during my work with Holly that I carry with me to this day. She is a profound healer."

Ada D.

"Right before I had my first session with Holly, someone told me a big blessing was coming to me. I couldn’t think what it could be. I thought all sorts of material things but never thought of a blessing like her.

Someone to hold a light on your path, someone to help you find the answers, to clear the worries that come along, and make life easier. Someone to pull you up and show you how worthy you are, that love surrounds you and that there is an army of helpers ready to assist you.

She has given me much more in these sessions but words are not enough to describe. Her work is priceless and I am so blessed. Love and blessing to you my sister. Mahalo."

Aryeta Gashi

"Life changing. Words don't cover it. Holly has a natural talent and I got lucky to meet her. I instantly became clear, content, peaceful, and it has lasted. I can't thank her enough for doing this work."

Andy D.

"Holly is truly a blessing for me. She has taught me so much about spiritual wholeness. I still have so far to go but I know she will be helping me through the process. Anytime I feel out of sorts and I just can't put my finger on why, she steps in and helps get me back in sync. Her advice and guidance has me on a path that feels exactly where I am supposed to be."

Branda N.

"My first meeting with Holly was like meeting an old friend. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease talking with her. She explained how the session would go and made sure all of my questions were answered. I finished our first session feeling invigorated and excited about what the rest of our sessions will bring. I have no doubt I have a lot to learn from her, and I look forward to continuing my sessions."

Jae Miller

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