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About Our Services

Below you'll find a brief description for each of the services we provide. Please feel free to reach out to us prior to booking if you need to combine services, or need more information regarding our sessions. If you are booking a session for an animal, please contact us directly via email.


Energetic Healing

In this intuitive healing session, I work with the highest aspect of your soul to clear traumas and blockages that have caused your soul to fragment. We remove all negative energies, cording, entities, ancestors, and programs causing soul loss, and bring your being back into divine right order. Please note that though the description on the "book now" page says one hour, our initial session may go slightly over that time. There is no additional charge when sessions go longer than expected.

Space Clearing

In this energetic clearing for your home, we will remove all negative energies, entities, portals, and anything else causing discord, from your home, the land it's on, and everything in it and on it. This is powerful work that can completely transform the feeling of your space and the relationships of the people occupying it. This is done remotely, discreetly, and includes detailed notes afterward, which include a prayer for use in keeping your space clear.

Commercial Space Clearing

Clearing the building that houses your business, and the land it's on, can shift the dynamic of your company immediately. When clearing a commercial space, I remove entities and energies that can negatively affect commerce, employees, and sometimes even the sale of your business. All work is done remotely, discreetly, and includes detailed notes and a follow up call two weeks after our session.

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