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Helping Others Re-Member 

My name is Holly and I am a natural intuitive and medium, who has been trained and certified in many energetic healing modalities. Every technique I've learned has granted me deeper insight into the workings of the spirit world, and given me tools to use and share in guiding others to awaken and return to wholeness. 

I work multi-dimensionally with the highest aspect of your Spirit to re-member your soul, utilizing a technique that I've developed through the healing and re-membering of my own soul. Each session is unique to the individual I am holding space for but my intention is always the same. I intend to be a clear and neutral conduit for our Creator's consciousness, truth, wisdom, unconditional love, universal compassion, and miraculous healing to flow through. We will work through the energetic centers and systems of your body, mind and spirit, in a quantum way to clear and release the blockages and traumas that caused soul loss. As we do this releasing of all that is not you, we will call all that is you back to wholeness.


When we bring our souls back into wholeness, it transforms our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies on every level. Physical health returns, creativity and abundance flow more readily, depression and anxiety release, and a greater sense of clarity and calm take hold in our lives.


I look forward to facilitating the re-membering and embodiment of your soul and your truth. Click here to see what folks say about working with me.

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